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We are here to work with our clients to solve their security, risk management and other issues.  

Don't wait for something to go wrong to make contact, at that stage you are firefighting!  

We recognise, however, that sometimes something unforeseen will happen that needs to be addressed. In that case don't panic.  Get in touch and we can work through the issue together to identify a solution.  

 We believe one of the most important skills to solving problems is to consult widely, listen carefully and gather all available information. Then filter that information and assess this information. This approach allows us identify the real issues that need to be resolved in an organisation. Often organisations focus their attention and investment on solving the wrong problem!  Once the organisation's real risks are identified plans can be prepared to manage them effectively. This process can save an organisation or business money and prevent incident recurrence. In turn this can safeguard the organisation's reputation; arguably its most valuable asset.  

 If you have a problem you need solved, we can help. If you don't see a service listed below that you require, please contact us with the details. Our problem solving skills extend beyond security and risk management, so, let’s talk about how we can assist.  

 All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest of confidence; you can be assured of complete confidentiality.  

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Security Health Check
"Security is always excessive until it is not enough.”   Robbie Sinclair

We tailor this service to  clients needs.  

A basic health check provides clients with a high-level overview on how their existing security systems are functioning.  A full security audit on the other hand, which examines all aspects of an organisation's security systems, provides clients with a greater level of reassurance and peace of mind.

Security Infrastructure  Design & Management
"One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs."    indow Snyder

Moving to new business premises or updating your existing security infrastructure?
We can manage any or all elements of your project from concept and design through tendering and implementation.

Risk Management Support
"Hazards are ever-present, that must be identified, analyzed, evaluated and controlled or rationally accepted."   Jerome F. Lederer

Managing risk is key to business success.

We can assist your business or organisation whether you are implementing a risk management process for the first time, reinvigorating an existing risk management structure or refocusing staff on existing process.

Root Cause Analysis
"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year."   John Foster Dulles

We can assist clients to look beyond the proximity cause of an incident and identify and manage the root cause; preventing event recurrence.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
“We don't have a plan, so nothing can go wrong.”    Spike Milligan

We can work with you to build business resilience in the form of a disaster recovery/business continuity plan.

This will allow you to move quickly to reinstate critical business functions and maintain business in the event of an unforeseen event.

Loss Prevention Advice
Employees don’t think losses are important unless the boss thinks they’re important.”  Shelly Connors

Loss prevention is about preserving profit.

We can assist in putting in place strategies to prevent loss or re-engineer processes and deliver training programmes to reduce losses in your organisation.

Red Team/Blue Team Exercises
"A little caution outflanks a large cavalry".    Otto Von Bismarck

We can arrange Red team/Blue team exercises with a specific focus on the physical security aspects of your business.

If you require Red team/Blue team exercises for your IT systems that can arrange that as well.

Change Management
"The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress."   Charles Kettering 

Change in most organisations is regularly vigorously resisted and difficult to achieve.  It is not impossible however, if the right approach is taken.
We will work with your organisation to developing a road map for change to make the journey bearable for employees and successful for management.

Tender Preparation and  Evaluation
"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach." Tony Robbins

We have extensive experience in inputting to tender documents for issue and in the evaluation of submissions. We can use this experience to assist your organisation preparing tender submissions for government or private sector contracts.  We can also assist organisations evaluate tender submissions to ensure contracts are placed with the most suitable company to deliver on your requirements.

Manual Handling Training
"Training after the event is probably too late."  Anonymous

As a qualified manual handler instructor,we can provide your organisation with bespoke training packages on site, at a remote training location or online to allow you comply with the relevant health and safety regulations.

Private Investigation Services
"Trust, but verify" - Ronald Regan

Private investigation services are provided by licenced investigators with a proven track record in successfully investigating complicated cases. We deal with matters quickly, effectively and in the strictest confidence.

Cyber Security

“Many things in life can be safely ignored but ignoring Cyber Security Safe Practices is an open invitation for disaster.”   JC Hunter

If you require cyber security advice and support rely on people with the necessary technical specialization and who have extensive experience in this area to assist your business meet its security needs.  Physical and cyber security experts working together deliver a complete security solution for organisations and businesses.  

Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliance testing provides employees and customers assurance that all electrical equipment used by a company is fit for purpose.  It shows the employer understands their duty of care and take the necessary steps to remain compliant. I am now certified to carry out PAT for schools, nursing homes, and all businesses large and small.